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We are a small team of like minded people looking to make change and opportunities to anyone looking to become a strong independent entrepreneur.

If you are self driven and looking for a chance to have a go at doing something alone, you are in the right place. Here you will find other creations and options of business opportunities offered by Custom Solutions UK. 


05-01-2022 Latest update

New! We are currently offering our Designs we have worked on over the years. to help small individuals build simple things to help work smarter. These will be available for download for full business purpose shortly. Sign up for latest information at the bottom of any page.



New Custom Computer desk file coming on the site check back or sign up for more information.
Custom solutions multi purpose height adjustable desk download


If you are an independent or sole trader looking for a boost in business but don’t t know where to start. Simple send me a message saying help and we will get back to you. we are open to offers if you are looking for anything we can offer.


No 2 installs are the same, we make sure your needs are covered.
Just 5 minutes spent now will make sure you are on the way to getting organised.