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Concept Range - Van Racking Solution

Product Description: The Concept Range offers practical van racking solutions for trade professionals. It provides customisable options, durable shelving, for organised tool storage. Easy to install and safety-focused, it suits contractors, plumbers, electricians, builders, and craftsmen seeking efficient mobile workspaces.

Who Is It For? Designed for trade professionals looking to streamline tool organisation in their work vans.

Experience Concept Range: Simplify your work van organisation with the Concept Range. Stay organised and save time on the job.

Product Limitations: The Concept Range offers fantastic versatility, but it's important to understand its limitations. This range provides standard tops, meaning it doesn't come with rail level storage as standard. However, it's designed to accommodate power tool boxes and other essential equipment. There are three height options and five width options, which makes it adaptable for various van sizes and requirements. While it doesn't feature specialised catches & just a pull hole, a standard push-button catch is available as an option for added security and convenience.

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