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Step by Step Guide for Van Configuration:

1. What Van Needs Configuring?

2. House My Tools and Consumables:

  • Consider the tools you need to house.
  • Our system emphasises organisation with units like SH2 unit shelves for power tools and the option of drawer stacks. Or the SH3 units, providing each shelf with the option to add drawers and millions of combinations to make sure we ahve you covered..

3. Saving Space:

  • If van space is crucial, explore slim depth options.
  • Slim depth units save significant space, making a difference in carrying materials.
  • Height-adjustable shelves/drawers offer flexibility.
  • These are only a option on our Pro Unique Range

4. Access:

  • Consider how you want your van configured.
  • We recommend a twin sliding door setup for easy access is the ultimate when deciding a van.
  • Right hand install is very popular but thing of what you might use to balance the van weight.
  • Slim depth units on the left side to save internal space
  • right and left install with access through the sliding door to your day to day tools saving your legs and time.

5. What Setup Is Best for Me?

  • Assess your level of organisation.
  • Looking to create a simple affordable system look at the Concept SH1 or SH2 options
  • If you use boxes like Festool Systainer or Dewalt Tstack, start with SH2 units.
  • Budget allowing, consider SH3 units early for a cost-effective configuration.
  • SH3 offers drawers anywhere the cost will be higher but its a wise investment. Saving time to be home early or to do one more job, the choice is yours.

6. Fitting the Racks:

  • Two types of units: standard units and wheel arch units.
  • When fitting, scribe as minimally as possible for flexibility between vans.
  • Use L brackets for secure attachment.
  • Popular brackets can be found here Screwfix Use a minimum of 50 x 50 L brackets

7. Things to Check/Look Out For:

  • In Transit vans, finish units before the large door hinges inside.
  • Flat-top units are perfect for level, rail, or pipe storage
  • Standard tops, create a home for each item
  • Count the number of boxes buy enough shelves for these.
  • For 1200 tall installs stack your boxes in 1 meter stacks to see how many units you require. Same can be applied for 1500mm tall (stacks of 1300mm), Or 1775mm (stacks of 1500mm) Think about shelf quantity at this stage.

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