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Concept Range

Concept Range

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Introducing the Concept Range, the revolutionary height-adjustable modular van racking system that sets the standard for innovation.

This product is the perfect choice for Festool and Makita users, and it comes in just two types of units: a standard unit and a wheel arch unit.

Choose from a range of heights,


  • 1200mm Custom, Vaviro H1
  • 1500mm Ford Transit, crafter medium roof H2
  • 1775mm Transit, Sprinter, Crafter H3

2 x standard widths:

  • 429mm 
  • 474mm 

Install Lengths:

Can vary from one unit 429mm to full length installs or double sided installs.

These units come with original standard push-button catches and standard tops, with the option to add flat tops when customised. Check out Unique for the range of flat top units. Add level, rail or pipe storage boxes to the Unique Range.

Experience the innovative and customisable design of the Concept Range and elevate your van racking game to the next level.

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Product features

  • Height Adjustable Shelves
  • Standard push button catches
  • Height options include 1200mm, 1500mm, 1775mm
  • Width option include 429mm, 474mm
  • All unit tops are standard tops with a tray including a front plinth at 79mm, unless otherwise stated or custom ordered.
  • Each standard unit includes 4 shelves, each wheel arch unit includes 3 shelves
  • As standard all install over wheel arch boxes will have the tilt storage, perfect for silicone, blades, hoses to name a few. What will you use it for?
  • Each unit has a minimum of 130mm scribe panel this makes sure if fits not just your van now but can be re scribed to multiple vans. We think of the future so you don't need to. Look at the long term investment.

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