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The meaning of SET

The meaning of SET

james staines |

You might see SET on majority of the products these days this is because we are trying to find a way to find you a product and for you to understand what you are buying from a simple SET number. We have 3 options on the SET numbers as of today 03-11-23.

1. SET-number random

This is some early configurations we applied our first SET numbers to.

2. SET-height-install length

We move towards a more standard way to understand the install you are looking at including the install height and install length. These are used out our Concept and Unique ranges but we hope to slowly phase these out.

3. SET- install length - height - wheelbase - power tool brand

Example: SET-2145-1200-LWB-Festool

We feel the most important factor is finding an install length to maximum the internal space in your vehicle followed by the install height. While looking at the images you will be sure to find an install that includes space for the power tool boxes you love. This SET expression can be found on the Pro Unique.

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