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Deciding a van racking system part 1

Festool van racking


This will be an evolving post with as much clear information as possible on the boxes and bags and the best ways to be organised.


Where do we start with today's tool storage? With so many options we are just looking for a simple answer. You are in the right place. We are trying to break down the understanding of tool systems and getting organised. 


The key to being organised is, not over confuse things from the start. Now you might be looking at your tools and thinking how do I get this to a system? We understand you have a collection of tools over many years. The answer is simple. 
Let's start by itemising tools. 
  • What's the majority brand of your power tools?
  • What you using for parts and accessories?
  • How are your hand tools stored?
  • Do you have a day to day bag or box?
We will be looking to keep the information in the above bullet points through this article, to help you create an organised system that suits you. 


Once you look at what you have,  you can start to make things clearer. Do you have a majority power tool brand? This is the ultimate if you are looking to streamline things and get in a simple working system. Having said this if you don't have a preferred tool brand or tool boxes and find yourself with a variety of different boxes our system still works for that check this out . The simplest answer is to use a preferred power tool boxes to help create your system. These boxes can be organised to take odd bits and create the ultimate organised van. This might be suited/help with most of your tools. We will speak about storage for parts & accessories later on in this article. 

TODAYS MAIN BOXES (early 2022)

Festool Systainer

A Festool company manufactured by tanos. New SYS3 and the older ones not having the handle on the front or round corners. You will find many Festool Sets starting with the unique Range and also available as a set where you can add multiple drawer with he Pro Unique Range.

Systainer m3 


More information on what fits can be found on our General helper or for custom installs please use the Custom Build Helper


Makita Makpac

Original the only Festool box untill the patent had ended then makita took over. we have our starting range Unique 429mm that are built to take these boxes

Makita Makpac 

 Stanley Fatmax Organisers

The perfect box for smaller parts and fittings. these are a great box for anyone looking to find a simple 2 box set up. These are made to fit in our Unique 474mm SH2 units. All shelves have feet recessed. Or you can upgrade to our Pro Unique if you want the option of unlimited drawers for the system.

Stanley organiser perfect for the smaller parts

Bosch Lboxx

With limited tool options its not so popular but we have done some full installs where people are using the boxes day to day for all tools and parts. These fit in a 474mm wide units Starting off with the Unique Range

Bosch Lboxx

Dewalt Tstack

A very tough medium size box good for tools and for parts we can create some very good one tool box systems with these and the organiser fitting on the same shelf. Check out some of the installs Unique Range or Pro Unique if you are looking to add drawers.

Tstack Dewalt box van racking

Milwaukee Packout

One or the best first to have a trolly for the boxes, these we do find user friendly the boxes attach easy, what our racking eliminates is getting to the boxes you want with out double handling, you can simply load your trolly and go to the job site. We offer a Milwaukee Packout system on the Unique Range and on the Pro Unique Range. These are in a 600mm wide unit. Unit configurator to follow soon.

Milwaukee Packout custom solutions van racking

Dewalt Tough System

A very tough box slightly bigger than that of the Tstack. Supported on a trolly. these are also weather proof same as the Milwaukee Packout. We now have the 2.0 with some minor changes. These fit in our 629mm units. we could fit the boxes in a smaller unit but believe the usability factor would be lost. Being heavy boxes these are best grabbed from the sides and are not so simple to handle like the Festool boxes or smaller tstack version.

Dewalt tough System ran racking



More information to come on hand tools and carrying

Veto tool bags



Having worked with hundreds of customers we believe we have the ultimate answer for anyone working with the following boxes with in construction, trades  or the services industry.

Following from our previous conversation about trying to use one preferred tool brand boxes for the rest of your tools. One system is the ultimate for any organised tool fanatics? We have worked with hundreds of customer to prove that some times this can be most effective but also practical. 2 Box types can work just as well if not better.


As an example some of the huge Festool fans still don't like the storage capabilities of the SYS1 for screws and small accessories. We have sold many systems with an integrated Stanley Pro Organiser unit. You can fit 8 larger organisers in a standard unit with a flat top.  Simply add as many shelf as you require you can use the 3D tool (coming soon) heres a link to the 429mm 3D tool to configure the units. Missing one shelf groove gives you the area to put a standard 120mm high Fatmax Organiser.



Having looked at this we can now see if you can itemise your tools, parts and accessories? Sometimes this will work best with one system meaning everything in the same style boxes. Or a split system including boxes for power tools and boxes for parts and accessories. Using different style boxes for each.

With the Stanley organiser being slightly wider this creates more storage, the clear lid is a must if you have multiple boxes, always a great idea to label everything.

The Systainer is limited because of the overall design of the corners of the box, doesn't carry weight as well. Is good in some situations where you are fitting kitchens and you are using one system as an example.



We have found multiple van storage systems online before coming up with a modular system that suits the construction trades and services industry. Im a ex carpenter of 14 years on the tools, got to a point I didn't feel challenged. Then I come up with Custom Solutions UK in 2014. Wooden systems have been about for some years and evolved over time. I feel we are unique in the market and offering something to suit the ever changing boxes. We supply a long term product, we are not looking for a hurried sale. I would rather ask you questions and invest my time in to getting the correct answers.



When it comes to design, our most important factor is safety, when we say this it's all about the safety of all people with in the van. Our system is always recommend with a steel bulkhead as minimum safety requirement. The safety of your tools did come second but for a very good reason, because we knew if you was safe, there wouldn't be a problem with the safety of the tools.

Our system is very simple think of it like kitchen units for your van. 

  • Only 2 unit types Standard or Wheel arch
  • Limited standard widths and heights 
  • Custom sizes available including full custom installs. No limits van storage.
  • Suits all major power tool brands
  • 2 depth of unit slim depth 322mm or standard depth 380mm (shelf depth)


  • End user safety
  • Modular
  • Cost effective long term products
  • Purchase over time or as a one off system
  • Add to system any time
  • Awesome second hand value
  • Refit to as many vans as possible (limited to size of the scribe panel) 3-5 van possible.
  • We say 10 years life product. Divide the value by the years, It's a small investment for the vale it will give you day to day.
  • All SH3 unit have an option to be made in birch ply.
  • 12mm thick light weight
  • All wood system no parts to break 
  • push button catches standard or upgrade to motorhome style.
  • Full drawer systems on any SH3 shelf
  • All SH2 units perfect for just power tools
  • All units fit SH1, SH2, or SH3 parts. Inter changeable mono modular system.
  • Storage for everything
  • Time saving
  • No double handling


Earlier we spoke about safety, we fully understand the need for safety for any van storage system. When we look in to this further,  wooden van storage has been about long before metal, Metal racking was original build from old shop fitting shelving. Then it's evolved. Now we could say wooden storage has more risk over metal because of the quantity of either system sold on a global basis. Or we could say we now need something in place for added piece of mind for metal, because as you know this needs a crash/crush area or you will just have a projectile that will lead to serious injury. 


We looked in to this so the system ended up modular not just because it's practical but it gives individual areas to crush on any impact. Simple yet practical. The system also creates closed areas for all smaller parts to be stored so you are left with no projectile. We believe one closed system is the best for safety, this illuminates ALL risk!


Metal Racks @pbplumber


Wooden Racks @jamescustomuk



Having dealt with hundreds of customers, we have seen the change from metal rack to our system multiple times. Our main reason we see is that metal rack have multiple parts to go wrong, small parts break, all expenses with expenses extras. What seems good because of the money turns out to not be practical FOR THE TRADES. We have also seen many working system with metal racks primarily for smaller vans including VW Caddy or Ford Connect size work really well. We have also worked hard to come up with the ultimate van racks for all construction and service workers. We aim to store everything so you can access everything like your hammer as an example. A place for everything will make sure time is saved. Unfortunately so time is money! What we have is not cheap but please bare in mind we have been at it since 2014 getting to where we are.What you are buying is not just a rack! Its something thats promised to do a job and do it really well. Some times at half the cost of it metal equivalent. Thats why we do what we do. We beleve we will change your working life like we have to hundreds of others.










No 2 installs are the same, we make sure your needs are covered.
Just 5 minutes spent now will make sure you are on the way to getting organised.