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Verified SET Creator

Verified SET Creator

To become a Verified SET Creator you must be signed up to a minimum of our Unlimi Subscription found here

Custom Solutions UK is committed to providing the highest quality template|SET including complete 3D designs to our customers. We understand the importance of accuracy, customer requirements, and legitimacy when it comes to our SET offerings, and that's why we have a simple yet rigorous process for creating and selecting the templates|SET’s that we offer for sale on our website.
As part of our commitment to offering a wider range of template|SET’s to our customers, we are excited to announce our Custom Solutions UK Verified SET Creator program.

This program allows us to purchase templates from other creators and offer them for sale on our website. By becoming a Verified Template Creator, you will have the opportunity to reach a larger audience and sell your products to a wider market.

To become a Verified SET Creator, you must be able to provide adequate evidence that you have created the template yourself, and you must provide us with the original DXF files so we can create the 3D versions and make sure they meet
our SET Creator Program requirements.

This helps us ensure that the SET templates we offer for sale on our website are of the highest quality and include a full product description for all potential customer to see and use. This keeps the accuracy and products inline with Custom Solutions image and make sure they are fit for business.

Once a template|SET is accepted and purchased by us, it will be added to our website and a direct link to you will be clear on the product information. The name or business of the creator will also be mentioned in the product description. This allows our customers to always know who to reach out to for any specific SET.

If you are interested in becoming a Verified SET Creator, please contact us at
admin@customsolutionsuk.uk. We look forward to reviewing your SET’s and working with you to
expand our SET offerings for our customers.


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