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Ford Transit Custom Sizes Spec

The Ford Transit Custom is a popular commercial vehicle in the UK, and it comes in various body lengths and heights to cater to different customers. In this article, we will go over the different dimensions and weights to help you determine which variant suits your business needs.

Load Length:

  • The Transit Custom has two wheelbases - 2,933mm and 3,300mm, which correspond to two load lengths.
  • The short wheelbase has a load length of 2,555mm, while the long wheelbase is 2,922mm.
  • With the load through bulkhead, the load lengths extend up to 3,085mm and 3,452mm respectively.
  • Short wheelbase models have a turning circle of 10.9 metres, while long wheelbase models have a turning circle of 11.8 metres.
  • The overall lengths are 4,972mm and 5,339mm.

Load Height:

  • The low roof models have a load bed to roof height of 1,406mm, while high roof models have a height of 1,778mm.
  • The loading height is 588mm, which lowers to 444mm when fully laden.

Door Sizes:

  • The side loading doors are 1,030mm wide and 1,324mm high on all models.
  • The rear doors are 1,404mm wide and 1,347mm high, with an extension to 1,706mm on high roof models.

Overview of Dimensions:

  • The load volumes start at 5.4 cubic metres for short wheelbase, low roof (L1H1).
  • It increases to 6.2 cubic metres on the long wheelbases, low roof (L2H1).
  • For the short wheelbase, low roof (L1H2), the load volume is 6.6 cubic metres.
  • The long wheelbase, high roof (L2H2) has the largest load volume at 7.7 cubic metres.

In summary, the Ford Transit Custom is a versatile commercial vehicle that comes in different body lengths and heights to cater to various business needs. With this guide on its dimensions, you can choose the right variant that suits your requirements.


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