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This is a huge change to our site making is easier to find what you want. Remember we are not a traditional van racking company to search by vehicle. This might make you confused! We look to fill as much as your vehicle with storage space to suit your tools and how you work. We have designed the unit to be installed to the van and scribed to the contour and re scribed to multiple vans this is what makes us so different. We are looking to change your working life for the future not just a quick sale. 9 years have gone in to the product. The website is only now getting the time it needs.


We use the term SET across the site this can then be followed by a install height or an install length to find the ultimate install to maximise your storage needs.


An example 


Concept to explain the range

SET is the term we will look to clear the whole site up with, with each of our installs expressed in this way.

SWB is an abbreviation of small wheel base.

STD short for standard

ST standard to this is the design of the unit on the tops and ST would be perfect for a level, rail or pipe storage at the bottom on the install. We would always recommend FT Flat top units and level, rails or pipe storage to maximise your storage needs.

WA wheel arch

SH1 any Makita units are generally SH1 and supplied with pins.

SH2 any Festool Dewalt or power tool boxes can fit to any SH2 shelf, These can be found on any Concept Or Unique Range.

Our more simplified term for our "SET" will be SET-INSTALLL_LENGTH-INSTALL_HEIGHT

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